HRV with Apple Watch and iPhone: How to track, use

HRV is a valuable overall health metric that’s measured by Apple Watch, however, there’s no native integration in watchOS or iOS to better understand and make use of the data – leaving that to third-party apps. Below we’ll cover what HRV is, why it’s important, and how to record and use HRV with Apple Watch … Read more

Hormone Replacement Therapy Could Ward Off Alzheimer’s Among At-Risk Women

Summary: Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use was associated with better cognition, memory, and larger brain volume in women who carry the Alzheimer’s associated APOE4 genetic variant. Source: University of East Anglia Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could help prevent Alzheimer’s Dementia among women at risk of developing the disease—according to University of East Anglia research. The … Read more

5 biggest storylines for Wild Card game

The New York Giants (9-7-1) will play in their first postseason game in six years when they face off against the Minnesota Vikings (13-4) in the NFC Super Wild Card round at US Bank Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Here are five storylines we are following. First taste of the playoffs for many of these Giants … Read more

With over 100 anti-LGBTQ bills before state legislatures in 2023 so far, activists say they’re ‘fired up’

More than 100 bills targeting LGBTQ rights and queer life — from transgender health care to drag shows — have been filed in 22 states for 2023 so far, leading advocates to expect this year will set a new record for anti-LGBTQ legislation. So far, Texas has taken the lead 36 such bills, according to … Read more

A nation asks: Will Utah the Shootah be in Utah?

Will Utah the Shootah wind up in Utah?? An entire nation wants to know. Yuta the Shootah, of course, is Yuta Watanabe and Utah is the venue for this year’s All-Star Weekend … and the 3-point shooting contest … in mid-February. Watanabe, currently the league’s best deep shooter, is telling everyone from reporters to the … Read more

Tom Thibodeau deserves significant credit for turning the Knicks’ season around

Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau / USA TODAY Sports/SNY Treated Image This is late Wednesday night. About an hour after that Knicks‘ 119-113 win over the Indiana Pacers, Tom Thibodeau is taking questions from reporters. One of the first is about the Knicks nearly letting a 15-plus point lead slip for the second straight night. … Read more